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Mining Consultancy Services

Saint Barbara offers this expertise in a broad range of business practices, which may be grouped into seven main areas:

  • Technology Research, Design & Audit
    Flowsheet development, technology appraisal, process development, troubleshooting, design and efficiency studies.

  • Expert Witness & Dispute Resolution
    Litigation and arbitration cases involving minerals and metals worldwide.

  • Due Diligence & Valuation
    Due diligence, competent persons' reports and bankable documentation for loan applications, stock exchange listings etc.

  • Marketing & Techno-Economic Studies
    Market research data has been provided on many commodities.

  • Environmental Protection
    Environmental audits, risk analysis, best practice reviews, legislation and equipment surveys.

  • Insurance
    Audits on behalf of insurance companies to assess levels of risk inherent in plants both operational and whilst under construction.

  • Handling and transportation
    Independent advice for risk control for packaged and bulk metals and minerals shipments by road, rail and/or sea.

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